So once you read and understood everything on the "home"-page I want to give you a few hints you should always be aware of before downloading and using my work.

1. PLEASE download, install and TEST my sceneries BEFORE you fly! Because Microsoft didn't really a good job on the more exotic places of FSX/FS9, there might be issues like elevation problems, autogen on airports etc. etc. you are not aware of and I am neither. To avoid negative surprises, you should always test sceneries before starting a long flight! Most issues are easily fixable, but that for you must know the issues themselfs . . .

2. MOST of my SCENERIES use ADDITIONAL 3RD PARTY ADD-ONS. If they do so, I can only guarantee them to work if you also use those AddOns. Especially I am talking about the great FligtPort Library which can be downloaded at the FlightPort website. Dont forget to check out their sceneries as well, some great work is provided there, much better than everything you will find on my website ... Go, get it >>> <<<

3. If anything of the work you can find here is wrong/buggy or if there are any other issues - please tell me! I will try to help you as soon as possible. Promise.