[FSX] Banjul, Gambia (FS9 Patch)

There was a nice scenery for Banjul available in the good old FS9-days, here is a simple patch to use it in FSX:

1. Download the original scenery here: http://www.sunudiv.com/fs-africa/telechargements/Banjul International.zip
2. Create a folder called "GBYDfsx" or any similar name. Open the downloaded .zip file, look for the two folders "scenery" and "texture" and move them to your newly created folder.
3. Open "scenery" and delete the following files: AF2_GBYD.bgl ; BJL vegetation.bgl
4. Download this file and move it into "scenery": https://www.dropbox.com/s/wmmpcgyytsjx8k6/GBYD_afcad.BGL
5. Move everything to your FSXMainfolder/Addon Scenery and activate it like usual. You should have a very simple but FSX-compatible scenery for Banjul now.