[P3Dv4] HAAB Addis Ababa v1.9.3

Welcome to Addis Ababa

This is a recent version of my old HAAB scenery, updated and improved with the help of a few fellow simmers! Thus, first and foremost, thank you very much to:

-> OrientalSim for letting me use his apron lights, which greatly improves the night atmosphere! Thanks a lot! Merci
-> Jan Galloix for solving the ****** elevation issues that I was unable to solve for years! Thanks a lot! Merci! Kiitos!
-> Emmanuel Maenda for improving my AFCAD to work with the P3D night lighting! Thanks a lot! Asante sana!

1. Remove any HAAB Scenery you had previously declared for this scenery to work.
2. Copy the Altitude fix BGL file "HAAB_ADEP3_EKM_ALT.bgl" into your P3d/FSX Scenery/World/Scenery
3. Copy the HAAB v 1.9.3 Scenery to your Addon Scenery and
4. Activate/declare the HAAB 1.9.3 as addon scenery
Enjoy your flights into Addis Ababa



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