[FSX] DXXX Lomé, Togo

Important airport in West Africa, focus city for Ethiopian Airlines and hub of "ASky". Biggest airport of Togo.
The scenery includes all Terminal buildings, the Towers and some other facilities modeled by hand, an accurate afcad-file and some hand-placed trees, cars and other objects.



1. Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/2fhgl40unr9usex/DXXX2014LIGHT.rar
2. Unzip it. You should get two folders called "scenery" and "texture".
3. Create a folder, call it however you want (a recognizeable name like "Lome Scenery" or "DXXX" comes handy) and move the two folders inside it. Move this folder into your FSX-Main-Folder/Addon Scenery.
4. Activate it in the Scenery Library as usually.
5. Check if there are any issues.
6. Enjoy your flight

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