[OLD] HAAB Addis Ababa previous versions

Important Note:

This is the v1.9 of my scenery. What do I want to tell by calling this version v1.9? Well, as you know my friend from AeroWorx removed his elevation fix from the net, which made using my HAAB v1 for a few users impossible. Also was HAAB my very first project and I wasn't really satisfied with how it looked anymore. So I decided to redo approx 90% of the airport for a v2. Now I completed 'most' of the update, but some bits and bites remained undone until now (eg. we have still the old night lighting, which sucks but I didnt have the time to improve it so far). Right now (when I am writing this) it's late June, which means for me: Exams in a few weeks, afterwards a trekking tour through Norway, thereafter working at a small lodge close to the alps and finally another vacation in September. For you that would mean a lot of waiting, maybe you understand I wont work that much on my scenerys in the next time. So I decided to release an 'as-it-is'-version for you guys to enjoy until I will resume my work and finish v2 finally in fall. But understand that I am now developing natively for P3Dv2, so I will try to provide support and solutions to any problems as far as possible, but I cant help you too much with FSX issues so far. Thus the "real" v2 will contain a FSX version as well, hopefully.

UPDATE:  My friend from AeroWorx has reuploaded a special Elevation fix for my Scenery again. You can hop over to his website and try this one, if my elevation solution is not working for you.
1. Step: Install according to my instructions below. Be happy if it works. If it doesnt work, continue with step 2.
2. Step: Remove the file from scenery/world/scenery. Test if it works. Be happy if. If not, continue with step 3
3. Step: Go to the Addon Scenery/HAAB v1.9/scenery folder. Remove/Rename "HAAB_ADEP2_MM_CVX.bgl". Then go to AeroWorx
aeroworxsa.blogspot.de/p/fsx-projects.html and download the file HAAB FIX. Move this file into the scenery folder of HAAB v1.9. Test. If it works, be happy. If not, it seems that you have any other elevation problem, which I cant fix for you, sorry! You will have to find a solution for yourself.

What is new?

1. In P3Dv2, the scenery now contains an altitude fix already. The only additional download would be the  FlightPort Library, which is not necessary anymore but still enhances the scenery a lot with additional objects. For v2 I intend to model custom objects for those so finally my Addon will become StandAlone then .

2. Lots of buildings are overhauled (eg. Terminal 1, Maintenance), completely rebuild (eg. Terminal 2) or even wholly new (eg. Handling buildings, Storages etc. between T1 and the Maintenance Area).

3. The Afcad is redone, to better suit GSX and is optimized for P3Dv2. Runway/Apron lighting is now done P3Dv2 native, which means better performance and better looks.

4. The Ground Poly now includes the complete airport, not only the Apron (also made possible by P3Dv2). The airport background is hand-drawn as there is a lack of good satellite photos for the area. (A huge THANKS to Julius Haager for helping me a lot here!)

What will be added in the 'real' v2?

1. The night lighting will be improved. Finally. Promise. (Even thow I hate doing night lighting.)

2. Even thow I already added custom runway textures by this version, I will completely overwork them once again to get them more 'HDish' for v2.

3. FSX support for the elevation fix and afcad issues.

4. An own library of apron objects so there will be no need to do additional downloads etc. anymore.


'Nuff words now. Maybe somebody even read them? Anyways, here is the scenery itself:

The airport:

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia and one of the biggest cities in East Africa. Its airport "Ed Bole International Airport" is hub of Ethiopian Airlines, the fastest growing and most lucrative airline all over Africa. With over 5 million passengers per year, Bole Intl is one of the 10 busiest airports in Africa. It handles over 150 flights per day, of which you are now able to choose your favorite one and fly it yourself in Flight Simulator X ...

The scenery:

My scenery represents the airport in its current state (2015) and I will try to update it regulary if the airport layout changes. All Gates/Taxiways/Runways are at their exact, real location, with correct numbers and designators. All navigation installations are updated and represent the real situation at Addis Ababa. Now the complete airport has custom ground textures and updated ground lighting. All important buildings (in this Version a few more than in the older one) are correctly modelled and placed. Whilest Terminal 1 (the "Africa-Terminal") has moveable (default-) jetways, Terminal 2 has handmade jetways which are static though. The jetways were modeled by Jakub from
http://drzewiecki-design.net/, a great great great great "Thank you" to the guys over there who helped me out a lot on this project. As well I would like to thank the team of "FlightPort" who gave me permission to use their library objects, Julius Haager and Maik Korolczuk who helped me a lot doing "ground stuff" and finally Thomas from www.jetstream-designs.com/ who gave me permission to use his static model for a very personal matter. You should really visit these guys' websites as all of them have awesome projects ongoing. Thank you!

Known Issues:

Due to a bug in the default rendition of the Addis Ababa area in FSX, it might be that ADD is rendered into an "hole" below FS surface or on a plateau above it. In this case, you need to hop over to "AeroWorx" and install the elevation fix they provide. Be sure to ONLY install the elevation fix, not the rest of the photoscenery, as it represents an older state of the airport. (Installation hint: Download the AW_HAAB.zip file, open it and look for the file "AW_HAAB_flat.BGL" inside the "Scenery"-Folder. Copy this file into the scenery folder of my HAAB scenery.)
Important: Before you install the fix, check if you have any elevation issues. If your ADD seems to be "normal", then only install my scenery, dont install the fix!
Important (too): This should be no problem anymore for P3Dv2 users, if you follow Installation Instructions correctly!


The night lighting of my scenery is very rough and basic. It's enough to fly into ADD at night, but it's not great. Maybe I'll update that issue some day (Now I already promised, I WILL. Once v2 is out. But for now you have to live with this. Sorry ...


Sometimes the jetways at Terminal 1 aren't displayed. I did not find a fix for this issue yet, if you have any idea please tell me ...


1. Download and install the "FlightPort" Library from here:
www.flightport.de/libraries/flightport-library/. If you dont speak German: Look for the red box on the right side of the Website, hit the text "Download FlightPort Library" and download. Move the files into FSX Addon Scenery folder and activate in the Scenery Library. Same business as always.

2. Download my scenery (link is on the bottom of the page) and unzip it, so you have a folder called "HAAB" with the two subfolders "scenery" and "texture" ... Take the complete folder "HAAB" and move it into the FSX Addon  Scenery folder. Activate it in the FSX/P3D Scenery Library. Not that hard, is it?

3. There is an additional folder called "scenery". Drag this folder into your Sim's main path. It should include itself into "Sim/scenery/world/scenery". THIS IS IMPORTANT! YOU WILL HAVE ALTITUDE ISSUES IF YOU DONT DO THIS!

4. Start FSX/P3D and load any situation at HAAB. CHECK if there are any elevation issues and/or if the jetways of terminal 1 are invisible. If so, use the fix(es) I mentioned above.

5. Now when you are sure that everything works - enjoy the scenery. Please leave a comment/screenshot for me, that would really make me happy.  Have a nice flight and always 3 green =D

NOTE that v1.9 is a complete scenery, you have to uninstall v1 before installing the new version.

Download NEW VERSION v1.9:

Download OLD VERSION v1.0: www.dropbox.com/s/pxynulmhu1sag43/HAABv1_1.rar