Welcome to "White Dot Simulation Design",

this is the website where you can find all my sceneries and repaints on; for both FSX and FS9. Why did I create a website only for this purpose?

Well, first of all, I want to make sure whoever downloads my stuff knows what it is ment to be and how to use it. Most of my sceneries attempt to make the exotic, the to now on unexplored places in the world of FS a little bit more realistic and nice. NONE OF THE SCENERIES I PROVIDE IS MENT TO BE HIGH-END, EYECANDY OR HIGHLY DETAILED. I neither have enough time nor the necessary efforts to create those highend masterpieces. If you look for a great scenery that feels superb realistic, go, look somewhere else. I cant help you then, sadly though ...

What I do is sceneries, which are made AS FAST AND EASY TO STILL FEEL "SOMEHOW" LIKE THE REAL THING. In my developement progress I skip many important parts that I personally think are not immediately necessary to have the airport represented in FS. But leaving those parts out enables me to produce sceneries faster, and to fill the "White Dots" on the FS' world one after the other.

Lightweight, but not default anymore. Recognizeable, but not as real as it gets.

Let me repeat it once again:

Ill do my best to release "fast'n'easy" sceneries for many interesting airports "abroad". No fancy stuff, but everything that an airport in my eyes needs to be a nice destination in FS (modeled buildings, good afcad, "atmosphere")! I reduce my work to this minimum leaving most of the goodies like high-end aerial-images etc. etc. undone. But those goodies consume a lot of time, what again doesnt fit my goal to provide the airport's "essentials". So you can understand my scenerys as fast-made most basic rendition of an airport to still be worth a trip.

What you get from me is more, faster, but not as good as "full"-scenerys. I hope you'll understand this

I hope you understand now, why my sceneries look like they look. If you are okay with that, give it a go, get them, try them, make screenshots and enjoy! You are welcome

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